How To Disable Proxmox VE Subscription Notification

May 22, 2023 · 2 mins read
How To Disable Proxmox VE Subscription Notification

In the video below, we show you how to disable the subscription notification that pops up when you login to Proxmox VE or check for upgrades

This can be useful in a Lab environment for instance when you don’t have an active subscription and don’t need to be reminded

Whenever you login or try to check for updates, if you do not have a valid subscription you will be reminded and have to click OK

Even if you only use non-subscription updates and even if you have disabled the use of enterprise updates the situation is the same

But you can disable this if you want to

Disable Notification:
The warning for not having an active subscription is triggered in a Java script file but we can change this

First connect to the server using SSH, as this is easier because you can copy and paste

Now switch to the folder where the file is stored

cd /usr/share/javascript/proxmox-widget-toolkit

Next back up the file in case we mess things up

cp proxmoxlib.js proxmoxlib.js.bak

And then edit the file as we need to make a change

nano proxmoxlib.js

Use Ctrl-W to find and type in

if (res ==

Hit return and this should take you to a line like this

if (res === null || res === undefined || !res || res
                        .data.status.toLowerCase() !== 'active') {

Replace the line with this

if (false) {

Now save and exit using Ctrl-X

Basically we’ve changed this statement check to always return false so that it never triggers

Restart the PVE service for the changes to take effect

systemctl restart pveproxy

Now repeat this for all nodes

Logout of any existing session, close your browser, start the browser back up, connect to the server and you should find the subscription no longer appears

You might find that Ctrl-F5 achieves the same thing, but closing the browser does work

Bear in mind, the file will likely get replaced after an upgrade, so you do have to repeat this if you upgrade your server

Because an upgrade might modify or add new entries to the file, it’s best not to keep a backup and overwrite the new file

As convenient as this may be, it’s not recommended in a production environment

If a subscription expires, the last thing you want is to find this out when something breaks for instance and you need technical support

So this is something to only consider in a lab environment when you don’t plan on having a subscription

Thanks must go to for their blog on how to do this

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